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Based at Coimbatore, Biotica Emergent Solution is focusing on export and domestic sale to market Handicrafts and Agro-based products processed by women trained by WONDERHAND FOUNDATION. In an effort to bring together the women power who have an inclination towards art and crafts and willing to partner in a social initiative, WONDERHAND FOUNDATION has turned to be a mentor to such underprivileged women by rendering training on hand-crafting. By promoting the products of WONDERHAND, Biotica Emergent Solution takes pride in spreading the wings of WONDERHAND products’ reach to the international market.All our craft products are made of eco-friendly, natural raw materials like used bottles, carton boxes etc.  And also all the products are hand-made and no mechanized processes involved so as to achieve maximum perfection. We are dedicated in offering you the very best product with a focus on quality, uniqueness, customer service and satisfaction.

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